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Security and safety are top priorities for IATA and its member airlines. IATA is calling upon governments to continue to work with the aviation industry to develop appropriate measures to current evolving trends. See the resolution adopted by IATA's 2017 AGM.

While IATA recognizes that aviation security is the responsibility of governments and that industry must grant deference to the needs of appropriate authorities to act promptly when confronted with an immediate security threat or vulnerability, it also believes that it is the effective partnership of government with industry that has made the air transport system the safest and most secure form of long-distance travel. IATA calls on States for direct consultation with industry ensuring alternative and effective risk-based measures are implemented.

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Governments and industry must continue to work together to replace inflexible security measures with harmonized and responsive security systems based on data, risk management, and efficient technology.

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Safer Skies Consultative Committee

The Safer Skies Consultative Committee (SSCC), created in July 2020 with IATA acting as its secretariat, provides a formal international platform to consolidate discussions on conflict zones in relation with civil aviation. Its objective is to share best practices, facilitate information sharing, and recommend global standards and guidance on mitigating the risks conflict zones pose to commercial aviation. In collaboration with states and ICAO, it advocates on all matters related to conflict zones. Find out more about the SSCC.